Preparation of the campus master plan for the Glendale Niagara College Campus was completed together with our subconsultants, Hough Woodland Naylor Dance.  The overall design represents a departure from traditional campus design.  The 20 hectare (50 acre) site was designed as a “living lab” that accommodated a variety of student activities and curricula.  It was designed for a range of plant communities including native upland hardwoods and lowland species, wetlands, agricultural crops and an arboretum collection of ornamental species.

The storm water management plan for the site is a series of carefully integrated overland flow systems for both water quantity storage and more critically, water quality treatment.  The natural site attributes have formed an integral part of the design and are reflected in the physical patterns of the campus design.  Subsequent phases included the Header House and Greenhouse, Barn, Student Residence, Culinary Institute and Wine Education Centre.


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