Mountainside Park

2009 to 2010
Burlington, ON

Our firm was retained by the City of Burlington for the upgrades and enhancements to Mountainside Park, a 10.4 ha. site.

Our firm's initial research uncovered the woodlot has ecological value at a regional level. As part of this development plan, our firm developed trail realignments and consolidation, a play area for multi-age groups, multi-purpose play court, habitat restoration planting, parking and site upgrades.

Tender documentation was prepared for approximately $1.1 million. Through careful cost controls, the project came in under budget. Working closely with the staff team, a number of functional public art features also are included as important features on various areas of the site. Based on public input and consultation with a working committee, designs were refined, all on a fast track basis to meet infrastructure deadlines. This project successfully met the mandate set by the City of Burlington, and is valued by the community.