York Street Boulevard Streetscape Road Reconstruction

Hamilton, ON

York Street Boulevard road reconstruction is part of an ongoing, City of Hamilton, Downtown Urban Renewal program.

The 1.2 km long road reconstruction is part of a larger conversion of streets from one way traffic to two way, reducing the road from four and five lanes, down to three and four lanes. As part of this work, new bike lanes were added, as well as an increased buffer zone with street trees and furniture to separate pedestrians from vehicles.  Urban Braille for visually impaired individuals is also incorporated to increase urban mobility for a diverse population.  Wider sidewalks, increased tree planting and floral displays are also a central feature in the project as they provide contrasting colour boulevards. Bus and service layby areas for the entertainment venue and farmers market are also important elements of this work.

This project incorporates numerous features and details to enhance pedestrian mobility.