Peace And Meditation Centre

1998 to 2000
Waterdown, ON


“From the beginning to end, we have been truly impressed by your expertise, your thoroughness, and dependability. You will be gratefully remembered into the future, as we delight in the fruits of your labours”

                                                                Rose Mary Sander, SSND, Provincial Leader


The School Sisters of Notre Dame requires a multi-use garden that serves as a meditation and relaxation space for a congregation of teaching nuns of varying ages. The garden provides a safe, secure outdoor space for frail sisters and those with dementia. The garden is designed with a variety of spaces suitable for varying sizes of groups. There are three major pedestrian pathways of varying levels of challenge. The first path leads into a small outdoor room which is enclosed by a pergola, wood garden screens as well as a bubbling fountain. A continuous hand rail links two exterior doors into the garden so that the most frail residents are able to access the outdoor space independently. The second path is longer, and provides a number of resting spots. The space also responds to the sisters’ religious practices, as it features the Stations of the Cross along the route. The third pathway leads to a gazebo at the far end of the garden.  It is situated to maximize views of the pastoral landscape beyond, including a glimpse of the western end of Hamilton Harbour. The security fence is situated inobtrusively within planting beds along the perimeter of the garden. The looping pathway serves residents of varying physical and cognitive abilities.