Niagara Health System (N.H.S.) Hospital, St. Catharines

2003 to 2005 and 2006 to 2012

OMC was retained to assist in the site selection, rezoning and schematic design for a new regional hospital. 

Following the completion of this phase, we completed a scoped environmental impact statement (E.I.S.) and fisheries habitat compensation report.  Subsequently, we were retained as part of the compliance team to work on the 16 ha. (40 acre) site.  Our scope included overall site layout and design, building siting, road, parking and transit layout, shipping/receiving layout, pedestrian walkway system, E.M.S./O.P.T. layout, schematic stormwater ponds and helipad location. 

As part of the D.B.F.M. package, we prepared general outline specifications, technical specifications and site plan approvals.  We also assisted with review of the bidders (proponents) documents and site review.