Battlefield Park Site Identification

2012 to 2013
Hamilton, ON

Battlefield Park is a National Historic Site located in the City of Hamilton. The Battle of Stoney took place in June 1813, and commemorates a significant moment in Canadian history, and an influential turning point in the War of 1812.  

This site identification feature is commissioned by the City of Hamilton to reference buildings and landscapes spanning over 200 years.  The feature utilizes the material language of on-site stonework, and provides an easily identifiable site marker to guide tourists to the historic landscape. The constructed piece incorporates Wiarton and Indiana limestone into the structure, an important local material, and features an engraved granite sign face.

The Battlefield Monument was erected to celebrate the 100th commemorative anniversary of 1913, in June 2013. The landmark sign is located at the intersection of Highway 20 (Centennial Parkway) and King Street East in the former Town of Stoney Creek.